3M Cubritron II Cut-Off Wheels and Grinding Wheels

3M Cubitron™ II Bonded Abrasives were born to grind and cut through metal on your toughest jobs; they deliver the total package – faster cut and longer life. These wheels require less pressure to remove the same amount of material. In other words, you’ll get a lot more done before our wheels and your operators wear down. 3M™ Cubritron™ II bonded abrasive grinding and cut-off wheels are revolutionizing the grinding process. They’re faster cutting and longer lasting than conventional grinding wheels. With 3M precision-shaped grain technology that transforms the process of grinding metal, Cubitron II abrasives:

  • WheelsImageCut faster
  • Stay sharp longer
  • Require less pressure
  • Help reduce operator fatigue
  • Increase productivity

3M™ Cubritron™ II Cut-Off Wheels


Cubitron II cut-off wheels bring the best of 3M precision-shaped grain technology to the toughest jobs like beveling, scale removal, and weld leveling. These cool-cutting wheels can remove the same amount of material with less pressure required, making them easier to use. Good for your workers, good for your business. Click here to see a list of different cut-off wheels and their characteristics.


3M™ also produces High Performance Cut-Off Wheels. These are for the combination of value and performance. They feature 3M ceramic abrasive grain for fast cut and long life, and are specially formulated on stainless and mild steel.

3M™ Cubitron™ II Bonded Abrasive Wheels


Cubritron™ II depressed center grinding wheels produce very high cut rates on a wide variety of metals and are used for heavy weld removal and many other grinding applications. They remove 3 times more material than the competitor’s wheel and can triple your output with no change to your process.

3M™ Cubritron™ II Gear Grinding Wheels

3M™  Cubitron™  II Gear Grinding Wheels, a special type of grinding wheels made specifically for large machines, are made up of geometrically defined cutting edges. Each and every ceramic grain is exactly the same engineered shape. The Cubitron II construction elevates grinding performance to the level of micro-milling. The key to its superior performance lies with its precision shaped grains. The benefits of this new technology are clear.

  • GrindingWheelDrastically reduces risk of burning – Even under severe grinding conditions, this new wheel has not caused any burning, so you can be confident in the reliability of this wheel under typical grinding parameters.
  • Reduced grinding time – In several applications, grinding cycles have been reduced by as much as 50%.
  • Less wheel dressing – For many applications, this wheel is able to maintain shape and free-cutting ability for an extended time, resulting in more time between dressing cycles which promotes longer wheel life and less down-time for wheel dressing.
  • Consistent performance time after time – In repeated tests and trials, this wheel generated reliable and consistent results making the grinding process easier and more predictable.
  • Improved form holding – Less dressing needed.
  • Reliable surface finish – All of these productivity benefits are delivered without sacrificing critical surface finish requirements.

Free-cutting properties take the 3M™ Cubitron™ II Gear Grinding Wheel to the next level.

With conventional abrasives, standard grinding consumes up to 10 times more energy as other metal removal processes such as turning or milling. However, the sharp cutting edges of the Cubitron II uses less energy than standard grinding while also diverting heat from the workpiece. Due to its free-cutting properties, the 3M™  Cubitron™  II Gear Grinding Wheel can be used differently from standard ceramic wheels, driving efficiency up and costs down.

  • One wheel can grind and finish various gear materials, from soft to hardened steel.
  • High material removal rates can eliminate hobbing the gears prior to hardening and grinding.
  • Grinds at a high removal rate less machine power.
  • Grinding chips are typically longer, making coolant filtration easier and potentially resulting in cleaner coolant, longer coolant life, reduces machine wear and gives better part quality.

The Cubitron II bonded abrasives were presented at a seminar discussing the latest gear products and technology. Click here to read the article about it.