Cutting Tools: Did You Know?

IDG offers a wide range of cutting tool products including indexables, rounds tools, toolholders and workholding components. We offer best-in-class brands, which represent the ultimate in cutting tool edge technology in the world today. This allows IDG to truly offer our valued customers the best cutting tool for the application at hand. The following information is a sampling of some of the fine brands we represent, which can be found in both our BLACKBOOK™ catalog and our e-commerce website, All items that are in the BLACKBOOK™ are stocked by IDG.


SMD Replaceable Carbide Tip Drill in Stock at IDG

  • SMDTipsAvailable in metric and inch diameters ranging from 0.4688” – 1.2008” (30.5mm)
  • Available in 3X, 5X and 8X diameter hardened steel bodies that can accept multiple diameters
  • Three styles of drill tips to maximize performance
  • SMDT-MTL – standard edge preparation for steel applications
  • SMDT-MEL – light edge preparation for super alloys, stainless steels, and cast irons
  • SMDT-MTL-C – chamfered edges to eliminate break out in cast iron
  • SMD carbide tips have Sumitomo’s patented wear resistant ZXTM and DEXTM coatings
  • Ground serrations on back of drill tip allow for precise assembly and superior repeatability
  • Every drill tip is made with the famous Sumitomo Point
  • Drill tips are capable of being reground
  • Coolant through drill bodies


IDG stocks a full selection of NTK ceramic inserts

WA1 is a whisker-reinforced ceramic material with silicon-carbide (SiC) whiskers added to alumina. WA1 machines high temperature alloys at high cutting speeds and hardened steels with interruptions. WA1 has a higher (SiC) content than other competitor’s whisker-reinforced ceramics. The resulting material, WA1, shows increased productivity and extended reliability in applications where both toughness and notching resistance are needed.



  • Rough and finish turning Ni-based alloys
  • Milling of Ni-based alloys
  • Turning of hard materials with interrupted cut
  • Milling of hard materials. (HRC 50-62)


Exciting News from Greenfield Industries


EndMillsBassett, Greenfield Industries’ solid carbide cutting tool brand, has expanded its line of TiAlN-coated high-performance and general-purpose end mills. TiAlN-coated tools will now be offered standard from stock for all Bassett end mills designed to machine steel and exotic metals. Bassett first introduced TiAlN-coated tools as in-stock standards for the variable index end mill line in 2012.

TiAlN-coated tools are recommended for use in tough-to-mill applications including hardened steel and hi-temperature alloys. The performance-enhancing TiAlN coating ensures a smooth finish and increased tool life in these difficult materials.

Greenfield Industries Inc. (GFII) is an established leader in industrial cutting tools proudly made in the USA.  The company manufactures and sells drills, taps, end mills, and other cutting tools for a variety of industrial, maintenance, commercial, and construction applications under the brand names Cleveland, Chicago-Latrobe, Cle-Line, Cle-Force, Bassett, Vermont Tap & Die, and Putnam Tools. As part of the Top-Eastern Group (TDC), the world’s largest manufacturer of twist drills, the company maintains the highest quality standards by controlling the entire product manufacturing process from mining the ore, to making the steel, to fabricating finished goods. By combining the benefits of world-class manufacturing facilities, experienced sales and technical support, and well-known and respected brand names, Greenfield Industries delivers a winning combination to the cutting tool marketplace. As our family of customers, distributors, employees, products, and services continues to grow, we maintain our commitment to excellence.

IDG carries an extensive inventory of Greenfield products.  For more Greenfield Industries product information, contact your local IDG representative or on the IDG website at


Did you know if you turn shafts in your shop in medium to large quantities, and do not use face drivers, there are large measurable cost reductions you can easily incorporate? Did you know that Riten Industries has technical support to help you get a free trial and help you set up your face driver?

Most high production facilities like electric motor manufacturers, pump and transmission manufacturers, and gun barrel manufacturers discovered face drivers several years ago and use them in production. Many smaller manufacturers and job shops aren’t aware of this time saving method of workholding.

First, watch this short video to see how a Riten Face Driver works:

As you can see, when a face driver is used, there is no need for a secondary operation to machine the area on a part that is normally held in a chuck or collet. The entire workpiece is exposed for machining. Therefore you are able to machine the Ritenentire length of the workpiece in one operation. The elimination of a setup in the production process results in increased accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, the single axis reference point established by the center point of the face driver allows for better concentricity.

If you answer a few key questions and fill in the blanks on the information request form in the Riten catalog on page 45, or fill out the form on our web site, we will spec the correct face driver for your application(s). We will supply you with a quotation and if you desire, set up a trial, so you can see for yourself how Riten Facedrivers can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve quality.

Your IDG sales representative will work hand in hand with you and the Riten technical support to assure you are completely satisfied with this process. They can also discuss your needs for live and dead centers, spline rolling centers, tailstock repairs and conversions, and also having the centers you already have on hand rebuilt to new specs.

All Riten products are proudly manufactured in our facility in central Ohio. Riten is the oldest and largest manufacturer of centers in the world. We have a huge selection of standard products, and can also design custom solutions to satisfy your particular needs.

Precision Dormer

Precision-Dormer-OverviewPrecision Dormer offers a wide selection of general purpose and high performance multi-application cutting tools under our Precision, Dormer and Union Butterfield brand names. 

This winning combination of brands, with a reputation for quality, innovation and brand leadership, encompasses 255+ years of experience and success in the cutting tool industry. 

Precision Dormer offers comprehensive and ever-evolving products comprised of a wide range of applications within the operations of drilling, reaming, milling and threading. 

We are consistently striving to strengthen customer satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service, technical support and simplified tool selection along with an outstanding technical guide offered in our current catalog.


Five Advantages of the MFPN milling cutters

1. A roughing and general purpose mill with 10-edge pentagonal inserts

  • Stable cutting due to two-face contact
  • 10-edge insert reduces cutting costs

2. Low cutting forces due to helical cutting-edge design

  • Helical cutting-edge design with low cutting forces reduces chattering
  • High axial rake angle (A.R. Max. +10º)
  • Cutting force comparison:


3. Tough and reliable dual cutting edge design

  • Dual cutting edge
  • Primary edge makes chips thinner and reduces impact forces
  • Fracture resistance comparison


4. Molded chipbreakers improve chip evacuation

5. Longer tool life with PR12-Series MEGACOAT carbide inserts