IDG and Makita host an NHRA Drag Race

Industrial Distribution Group partnered with Makita Power Tools and Makita Assembly Tools, through IDG’s Customer Engagement Program, to host the NHRA Drag Race April 19, 20 & 21, in Charlotte, NC. This served as the official announcement of IDG’s strategic partnership with Makita Assembly Tools. Many of IDG’s customers attended the race giving Makita a lot of great publicity and visibility within the industrial market.

What is IDG’s Customer Engagement Program?

Several times throughout the year, IDG participates in NHRA drag races across the country, and we open our doors for select suppliers to sponsor the race with us. The three-day engagement program is educational, interactive and it produces documented results. By partnering in this, sponsors receive publicity through promotional materials, direct interaction with potential clients, and exclusive use of IDG’s customized hospitality trailer that features a kitchen, living room, conference table and Direct TV. We do all the preparation; the only thing the supplier partners have to set up is their own product engagement area. From great entertainment to food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), ample seating, and, of course, our expertise, IDG ensures that the sponsorships are both fun and successful networking events. Plus, interacting in the race provides access to see how other teams could use your products and may give you some great marketing ideas.


Continuing Sales Education

Friday, the first day of the event, is earmarked for training of IDG sales and customer service on the supplier partner’s products. IDG provides two iPad stations showcasing Guests can browse our E-commerce platforms, view racing highlights, take pictures to email to customers and friends, and participate in social media in real time. This is a great way to learn about our E-commerce strategies as well as our business plans for the site moving forward.

 A Focus on Entertainment

We provide an experience for our customers that the normal race fan couldn’t get. Guests receive a “hands on” experience, from a meet and greet with several NHRA drivers such as Rickie Smith, Steve Torrence and Dave Connolly; a VIP tour of the pit areas where you can watch other pit crews; watching the race from “hidden pockets,” or VIP areas of the track; and participation in a variety of contests throughout the weekend where participants win sponsor products. Racing game simulators offer a real time drag racing experience; however we must warn you, it has been known to get a little competitive.


How does our Customer Engagement Program help your company succeed?

No one knows your product better than you do. Having the chance to speak one-on-one with IDG’s sales team and customers is an invaluable asset. It gives you the opportunity to educate them on your product and your company.

Pic7To give you more presence at the event, we add your company’s decal branding on the hospitality trailer. Plus, we can arrange four 30-second radio spots with radio host Joe Castello. Joe hosts NHRA Racing Internet radio, with WFO Radio, and has over 10,000 listeners weekly.

Social media reinforcement is included in the package. You can choose your ten favorite fan pages to post on throughout the weekend. We will post a minimum of three posts per day, including graphics showing your product. For added exposure we also post on our drivers’ fan pages, the IDG Racing fan page, and IDG’s twitter page three times per day. You can request an informal YouTube video highlighting an IDG driver engaging in your products; and if you support a charitable cause, we can tie that in with our drivers via social media and event marketing.

The Advantage – another way that we offer brand awareness to our sponsors apart from the race. This racing package includes placement of a hero banner and a side button promotional box on the homepage. We help to increase your sales by placing your products at the top of the IDGsupply search and showing “others purchased” on our browser, highlighting additional merchandise customers may want to buy. We showcase new products you are selling on our site, show video demos of your products, and dedicate a landing page for your promotions.

Other services we provide are an email campaign, articles on the blog and an eight to ten page promotional catalog. These showcase your participation in IDG Racing and inform customers of your products racing specials.

In order to see the impact that our program has on your company, we provide the sponsor with a dashboard of regional sales activity six months pre race and six months post. Post race dashboards will be provided monthly so we can make course corrections along the way.

Let us know if you are an IDG supplier interested in partnering in one of our events. We have three different sponsorship levels – Platinum, Gold, and Friends of Racing. If you are a customer and would like tickets to one of our races, contact us for more information:

Joe McDermott
Phone: 704-648-9218