IDG Saves Customer $95,000 Annually Through Absorbent Recycling

Industrial Distribution Group recently converted a customer to a new adsorbent recycling program. They had been using one-time-use absorbent booms to soak up oil from their machinery, and after the booms were full they were taken to a landfill and buried. IDG evaluated the situation and introduced a closed loop laundering program.  The new environmentally friendly solution allows the absorbent material to be laundered and reused.  This recycling effort significantly reduces landfill waste and provides an annual process improvement savings of $95,000.

The graph below shows the process used to collect, inspect, clean and return product to the plant floor.



If you are interesting in implementing this recycling program in your plant, or would like to find out more about it, contact Jeff Greene by email at or by phone at 704.450.8880.