Ingersoll Rand Names Taylor Air Center 2013 “Distributor of the Year”


February 2014 – We are pleased to announce that Taylor Air Center, an Industrial Distribution Group company located in Whitehall, PA, has been named “Distributor of the Year 2013” by Ingersoll Rand in the compressor category. The award was presented to Bob Abadessa, President of Taylor Air Center, at the annual AIRD meeting (Association of Ingersoll Rand Distributors) in Key West, Florida.

Each year, IR ranks the twenty-nine AIRD members in ten different areas relating to growth and performance. Points are tallied and members are ranked accordingly. Top performers are recognized in the categories of Commercial Units (under 50 hp), Industrial Units, Oil Free Units, and Air Treatment & Parts, culminating in the Distributor of the Year award for top overall performance.

Taylor Air not only won the awards in both the Commercial and Oil Free Compressor categories, but also walked away with the Distributor of the Year award, known as “The Cup!” The award is inscribed with the company name and year of the award, and is passed on each year to the current winner to display.

“This is the first time we have won this award,” said Bob Abadessa, “so it was really exciting for us. We are very proud of this accomplishment and plan to hold on to this cup for many years to come!”

Congratulations to Taylor Air on their outstanding performance!


Bob Abadessa, President of Taylor Air

(left) and Richard Campbell, North
America Leader, Ingersoll Rand
Compressed Air Business Unit (right)
display Taylor’s awards.